About Infinite Imagery - Photography by Henry Rowan

Henry is a national award-winning photographer who lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania where he is often seen shooting in the gardens and meadows that grace this area. Professionally, his focus is on energy and environmental photography but, as an artist, his subject matter tends to be very eclectic. In addition to his commercial work, Henry has gained a following for both his unique sports imagery as well as his distinctive portrayal of the nature and what he refers to as "The Little World"...  that special place where butterflies and bugs roam mostly unseen amongst colorful flowers. 

Photographically, Henry’s style is well defined but somewhat difficult to describe. He plays with movement, light, and color in unison to create images that are easy to identify as his. The driving theme of his work is his concept of Non-Existent Imagery:

“The images I create never existed and never will exist. They are combinations of angles, colors, light, time, lenses, sensors and more, which produce images that the human eye can’t see and the human mind can’t process in real life. Unlike the photojournalist, I am not trying to capture a moment in time, but rather I am hoping to create a feeling in space that conveys the essence of the subject”

Working within this framework provides a great deal of artistic freedom and fosters a worldview that is both individualistic and offers unlimited creative opportunities. After years of working with a variety of film sizes from large format to 35mm, Henry is now solely shooting digital images and utilizes Canon professional equipment. 

Henry's unique imagery has helped popularize The Treasures of Pennsylvania website (www.treasuresofpa.com) and more of his work may be seen at www.hrowan.com. Prints are available in a wide variety of sizes from 8 x 10 to large display images that are perfect for home or office decorations. Many of Henry's images are also available for licensing for commercial usage.