Photography by

Henry W. Rowan


Thank you for visiting and we hope that you enjoy the images. In addition to being a professional photographer specializing in very unique portraiture and commercial imagery, Henry is the Executive Director of the new Pennsylvania Center for Photography in Doylestown, Pa. and a frequent guest speaker and judge at photographic events.  

In the various galleries you will find a wide range of subjects from people, to nature, to landscapes, to sports, to reflections of rural and urban life. As eclectic as the subject matter may seem, there is a unifying theme; that being the images that Henry creates don't exist and won't ever exist to a viewer in our three dimensional world. The camera, lens, lighting, perspective, and so much more combine with his unique vision to create a totality that no human eye can perceive in nature. Thus, the photograph becomes a new reality in and of itself and, in that manner, conveys the subject's essential nature and inherent subtleties.

This is particularly true of Henry's portraiture. It is a deeply personal collaboration between the subject and the photographer designed to yield outstanding results. If you want a photograph which will create a memory that will last a lifetime, give us a call at 215-989-2630 or email us at

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